There are a variety of different types of composters that you can purchase or build.

Plastic Stationary Composter

These bins are for continuous rather than batch composting. Most units feature air vents along the sides, top, and bottom, such as our Earthmakerô Composter. Look for a lid that fits securely, and doors to access finished compost. Size should be approximately 3 feet square.

Tumbling or Rotating Composters

These composters, such as our Tumbling Compost Mixers, are for making batches of compost all at one time. You accumulate organic materials until you have enough to fill the bin, then load it up and rotate it every day or two. If materials are shredded before going into the bin, and you have plenty of nitrogen, you can have finished compost in five weeks or less.

Environmentally Friendly Composters

Since composting is in part about not damaging the environment, it makes sense then to use a bin made from recycled plastics, such as our Deluxe Pyramid Composter.

Decorative Composters

Composters can be decorative, too: the Beehive Composter. Colorful wooden composters in the shape of traditional bee boxes are all the rage with gardeners in Great Britain.

Worm Composters

We've tried many worm bins over the years and our Worm Factory is superior in every way. Vermiculture-composting with worms is a fun and easy way to turn messy food scraps into rich and crumbly black compost.

Wire Composters

Wire composters are an inexpensive method of composting. Because of their visibility, and openness however, they should be used in an area which is not readily viewed by visitors to your house. Our 3-Bin Wire Composting System is one of our most popular composting systems due to its size and affordability.

Wooden Composters

Wooden composters should only be chosen or built with weather resistant wood. While this will help slow the deterioration of this type of composter, using only the finest of materials is extremely important. The natural process of curing the compost will also affect wood not properly protected. Constructed of an environmentally-friendly copper-based wood preservative, our Simple Natural Compost Bin holds almost 15 bushels of yard waste.

Trash Can Composters

Trash can composters are not sold, but can be built quite easily from an old plastic trash can. See more in our article on building a compost bin.

Stone Composters

Stone composters can be built from almost any type of stone available. The usage of this type of compost bin however, is more difficult and strenuous. You can see some tips on the building of this type of compost bin in our article on building a compost bin. If rodents are an issue for you, then you will need to find some sort of cover for the pit. Many people use an old carpet.

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