Organic Lawn Care

There has been a big turn towards everything organic lately, and organic lawn care is no different.

Organic lawn care is a very safe alternative to using pesticides and fertilizers and is a very popular way to look after your lawn, especially if you have young kids and pets that use the lawn frequently.

You can have a perfectly healthy organic lawn by following these tips....

Use Organic Fertilizers - Using a slow release organic fertilizer is just as good as any non organic fertilizer and it won't burn your lawn or dry it out as much. Earth-Rite is a good brand.

Get Rid Of Weeds Naturally - If you want a truly organic lawn, you will have to get rid of weeds with your hand. You can find organic weed control products, but they don't work as well as hand weeding.

Natural Bug Control - Believe it or not, but by simply spraying a mixture of an organic dishwashing liquid and water on your plants, will keep the bugs away. Read the article on this site about bug control at

Liquid Seaweed - Spraying liquid Seaweed on your lawn, while it doesn't smell great, does wonders for your lawn and it's completely organic and very cheap!

Compost - You should add compost to your lawn twice a year.

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