Compost Tumblers

Compost tumblers are one of the easiest and quickest methods of producing organic compost. The ability to turn or tumble the decaying organic matter enables oxygen, one of the four requirements for compost making, to energize the microorganisms into speeding up the decomposition. By it's very nature most compost tumblers are created out of plastics and/or metals.

If you are managing a hot compost, you will want to tumble your compost every 1 to 3 days, or when the interior temperature dips below about 110 degrees F. After tumbling, the compost's temperature should rise again, as long as there is still material left to be broken down. When the temperature stays relatively even, no matter how much you tumble the compost, your humus is likely ready. Tumble your compost less frequently in cool weather, while tumbling quickens the decomposing, it also allows heat to escape into the air.

Compost Tumbler

This batch composter has the largest capacity of any we offer—a whopping 22.4 cubic feet. The drum sits 27" off the ground for easy loading and unloading. Gear-driven drum means easy, no-slip turning, even when the composter is full. Aeration vents and interior fins for mixing materials as the drum is turned produce finished compost faster. Load it up with kitchen and yard waste and tumble every few days, and you can have finished compost in about five weeks.

Back Porch Compost Tumbler

It's no bother composting kitchen scraps when you have this convenient tumbler near the back door. Our compact composter is sized just right to handle food scraps, and with a few quick spins, turn them into rich garden gold. When your compost is ready, just wheel it out to the garden. The big hinged door makes access easy. The easiest way ever to turn kitchen waste into rich compost!

Compact Compost Tumbler

A smart design and high-quality materials make this new compact compost tumbler super effective and easy to use. Just fill it up with garden refuse, slide the door closed and give it a turn every couple days. The built-in hand-holds provide easy leverage; a stabilizing inner crossbar helps breaks up compost during turning; black color absorbs heat.

Jora Compost Tumbler 33 Gallon
Jora Compost Tumbler 70 Gallon

Designed in Sweden these tumbling composters features easy rotation, dual compartments, insulating properties, and a rodent-proof design.Dual Compartments allows for one compartment to be used for new waste while the other matures. Individual doors make for easy dumping of mature compost while new waste is contained. Insulation provides higher temperatures for the quickest composting.


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