Benefits Of Backyard Landscaping

There are many benefits of landscaping you probably have not even thought of.

Not only does it make your yard look nicer, it can also increase the value of your property, help you save on energy, not to mention it's great exercise.

Other benefits also include, stress relief and tax deductions and all of these I'm going to cover in this article.


Who doesn't enjoy the fruits of their labor? A backyard with great landscaping equals great time spent outside enjoying the atmosphere you worked so hard to create. You can find Wayfair Swing Sets Online to provide outdoor fun for your children or a nice garden bench for yourself.

Property Value Increases

This one is a given. When you spend money on doing your property up, it's only natural it will raise the value of your property. But what most people don't understand is, while doing work to the house that people can't see might raise the value of a property on paper, adding a great landscaped yard increases the property on paper and in potential buyers minds.

People will pay more for a home that looks better then the rest of the houses in the street.

Save On Energy Costs

By using the correct landscaping techniques, not only can you keep your home warmer naturally in winter, but also cooler in the summer. This in turn will lower your energy bills up to 30%.

But how do you do that you ask? Easy! Most of the cold that comes into your home in winter is caused by wind and breeze and if you can block most of that wind from coming into your home, you will find your home will be much warmer in winter.

By adding a row of conifers, white pines, hedges around your home and your windows you can substantially increase the heat in your home naturally.

In summer you can keep your home cooler by planting trees that provide shade over areas of your house, like your patio or windows. Also, try and find out which way the wind blows in your part of the country and keep the winds path clear of trees so it can reach your house.

Effortless Exercise

Backyard landscaping is a great way to get your daily requirements of exercise. Not to mention the fresh air you will get as well. You burn calories quickly while gardening and landscaping, just make sure not to over do it.

Become Less Stressed

Gardening has always been known to be a great stress reliever and landscaping is no different I assure you. Getting out in the fresh air, getting your hands dirty, it's all very calming to the body.

I enjoy nothing more then knowing I have work to do on my landscaping and time to do it. It's a great way to relax after work or on the weekends. You will never be bored.

Tax Deductible Landscaping

Yup, it's true, you can get money back for adding value to your home, and relaxing. Home improvement (not home repair) is a tax deductible expense in America.

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