Backyard Landscaping

 Landscaping your own backyard has become very popular of late. It seems every do it yourself TV show has a segment on doing up your backyard and they make it look so easy!

This site is a beginners resource to not only sprucing up your backyard, but also your front yard and your entire property. Landscaping doesn't just stop with the backyard!

In this site there are over 100 unique, won't find anywhere else on the Internet, articles (click here for a full list of articles on this site) on backyard landscaping, landscaping, landscaping ideas, plant selection, pool landscaping, different garden trellis ideas, and a lot, lot more

A persons home is their castle and with the outside area of the home becoming used more often as an alternative to being inside the home, it's vitally important your yard matches the beauty of inside your home.

I know myself, ever since I landscaped my backyard, we (the wife, kids and I) are using the backyard more then the inside of the house. We eat outside, socialize outside, relax outside and even watch TV outside.

Not only has our backyard landscaping improved our lives, it's also improved the value of our house. We've had more offers then ever before from people walking past, neighbors, wanting to buy our property.

Landscaping our property was the best thing we've done to our house and it didn't cost us an arm or a leg.

Latest Items Added

Composting can be as easy or as involved as you need - it depends on how much organic waste you have, how quickly you need results, and the amount of effort you can invest. The series of articles provided here will make any backyard landscapers a pro at composting in short order.

How To Repair a Garden Hose
If your hose springs a leak, it will need repair, unless you are prepared to replace the whole thing. But, take a look at the leak to see if it is fixable, there are two different possibilities for a leak and there are ways of repairing them.

Selecting a Lawnmower (Tractor/Rider)
It's bound to happen, anyone that has to mow a lawn week after week for several months will start to think what it would be like to own a riding mower. The following articles provides some tips on what to look for in a riding lawnmower.

How To Sharpen Mower Blades
With just a little bit of effort and a few minutes of your time you can re-sharpen your lawnmower blades. You'll be able to save money and the inconvenience of having to take it to the hardware or shop to be sharpen and then having to haul it back again.

There is no doubt that greenhouses perform a functional utility for those of us that have green thumbs, but a well designed greenhouse has aesthetic qualities that make it a beautiful addition to a home.

How to Build a Greenhouse
There are some factors to consider before you commit to building a greenhouse. The first thing to think about is having a course of action or plan, you'll save both time and money by planning ahead. Also, keep in mind whatever your plans, a great deal of them will be dependent on the types of plant materials you choose to grow.

Backyard Landscaping Tips