Lawn Care

Maintaining the health of your lawn is a constant struggle. To stop your lawn from becoming patchy or infested with weeds, you will need to carry out a regular program of lawn feeding and weeding.

A well manicured lawn will need a process called scarifying. This is when you punch holes into the ground to enable oxygen to reach the roots of the grass.

This can be done with just a plain old garden fork or pitch fork or with a special aerating tool.

Adding sand and fertilizer to your lawn occasionally will help the drainage in your lawn and add much needed nutrients.

If you find weeds are taking hold, don't be afraid to use a weed killer, but follow the manufacturers instructions to the T.

If you get holes in your lawn that need replacing, don't despair. Using a spade, remove the damaged section of lawn. Then cut an area the same size as the new piece of turf.

Lay down the new section of turf and compact is solidly into the hole. Water it in well and be sure not to work on that section of grass for a few days at least.

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