Garden Pest Control - How To Rid Yourself Of Slugs And Snails In Your Garden

Slugs and Snails, I hate them! For months on end, I was losing plants left right and center. I would wake up everyday and mysteriously my prize plants would have big holes all through out the leaves.

I could how ever, never find a culprit. They would strike at night while I was sleeping and I was completely helpless to save my plants.

So what can we do to stop these killers in their tracks? Good question! There are three types of repellents you can use. They are....


Barriers are more effective against Snails then Slugs as Slugs live in the soil and can go under and around barriers. Barriers are meant to keep out Slugs and Snails, not kill them, so it is a more humane way to keep your plants pest free.

Around the edge of your garden, crush some egg shells, bran, grit or soot and spread it around evenly so it creates a protective boundary around your whole garden. Slugs and Snails won't crawl over debris like this as it sticks to their undersides.

You could also scatter oat bran around your garden. Slugs love this, but when they eat too much, they expand and explode.


Beer traps are my favorite and the most effective way of stopping Slugs and Snails. You can buy beer traps from any garden centre. All you have to do is place and bury the trap with the top at soil level then fill it with cheap beer. You can even use off milk or out of date fruit juice.


For a more scientific approach, you can use nematodes. They are microscopic parasites that kill Slugs and Snails below and above the ground. It's not a pretty way to get rid of Slugs and Snails but it's very effective. You can get it from any organic garden supplier. All you do is mix it with water and spray it on to the soil with a watering can.

Using any or all of these methods will no doubt rid your garden of pests!

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