Desert Landscaping

Here are a few desert plants that go well in any desert landscaping effort.

Oleander - The Oleander is an evergreen shrub which flowers in clusters through spring and summer. It can tolerate terrible soil conditions, direct and hot sun light and very little water. They are poisonous if eaten by animal or human.

Purple Sage - Is an evergreen shrub that will flower two or three times a year. The Purple Sage as the name suggest has purple flowers, that can range from very bright to dull. It can tolerate very little water and hot conditions.

Pampas Grass - Pampas Grass is a weird plant as it's also classified as a grass. It grows fast with flowers on very long stalks. I think it's pretty. It can tolerate terrible soil, dry heat, little water and general neglect.

Mexican Bird Of Paradise - Is a shrub that is green all year round and has bright, eye blinding bright yellow flowers. The leaves resemble ferns. It will grow in the worst of soil.

You would be surprised to know that there are quite a few plants and flowers that actually thrive on desert conditions. The ones listed above are just some of the better known. They can stay green all year and flower all year round.

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