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Not many people give much thought to having a wild flower garden in their landscape. So this is a bit of an unusual backyard landscaping idea.

While a wild flower garden needs a lot of effort to create and needs to be totally replanted every five years, it provides a much needed break from the normal run of the mill landscaped backyard gardens you see.

They also need quite a bit of space to work properly, but do work well as a center piece in a bigger landscape.

You would have to go into your local nursery to see what wild flowers you have in your part of the country, but you will more then likely see dozens of wild flowers you can either grow from seeds or from containers.

You will have most luck in finding wild flower seeds from a specialist seed firm. They usually offer a mail order service.

Your choice of plants must suit the growing conditions. Check the backs of seed packets for details or the care labels of pot grown plants, to find out about their soil and shade preferences.

Wild flower gardens need weeding, which is best done before the flowers are sown. It is vital that you kill all the weeds in your garden.

During the winter months, your garden may start to look a bit untidy, so you may want to cut down old stems.


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