Do It Yourself Landscaping

Do it yourself landscaping has become very popular lately.

Pretty much this whole site is dedicated to doing the bulk of your landscaping and backyard landscaping by yourself.

If I haven't already given you enough tips, here are a few more.

  • Make your garden interesting all year round

    One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they only plan their landscapes around a certain time of the year, generally summer. You want your backyard to be interesting and look good all year round, so make sure you plant, plants that cover all the seasons.

  • Install a water feature

    Water features are very simple to install. I've written an article on this site about water gardens. A water garden gives you an interesting object to look at all year round.

  • Keep your garden low maintenance

    This is a big one. People at first when they start landscaping, tend to go overboard with excitement and create gardens that are tedious to look after at best. Keep it simple, you will be thankful for this advice once the novelty of spending 5 hours a day in your garden wears off, and it will, quickly.

  • Use evergreens

    A lot of landscapers find evergreens boring and they can be, but they create a sense of continuity even in the winter months.

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    Backyard Landscaping Tips
    • Think Four Seasons: When designing your backyard landscape, remember that there are four seasons. You will want flowers and shrubs which bloom during different times of the season, autumn foliage during the fall, and a structure that can withstand the winter.

    • Plan before you dig a water garden. Before you even start to think of digging to put in a water garden, make sure you plan everything in advance. Dimensions, the type of water garden you want to have, how deep it will need to be and if you need any permits to do so. If in doubt, call a professional out to help you. That's why they are there.

    • Get the right supplies for the job. Make sure you always get the exact right supplies you need for the job at hand. Don't skimp on quality when you are landscaping your backyard as you will pay dearly for it in the long run.