How To Add Landscaping Boulders

Creating a rock garden or "landscaping boulder" garden is one of the hardest things you can do when landscaping. Getting it to look realistic takes a lot of practice. But we'll get to adding your rocks or landscaping boulders in a minute.

Trying to find the right plants to live in your rock garden is quite a tricky task. It's hard to find plants that will thrive in rocks and in the conditions you may already live in.

The best way to find the right plants for your rock garden is to go to a nursery and tell them what you are going to do. You will need very hardy plants that don't need much attention. Don't go putting dainty flowers in a rock garden, it defeats the purpose. Try and keep it as realistic as possible.

Adding your rocks is the next step. Most people now don't even use real stone, they use what is called a landscaping boulder. A fake, light boulder that looks like a real one from a distance and from up close.

You can get all sorts of different rocks. Big, small, different colors, some with fake moss on them, you name it, you can find a landscaping boulder for you.

The trick with landscaping boulders is to not go overboard. Less is more. Try and replicate what a real life rock garden would look like. It's best to mix smaller real rocks with larger landscaping boulders to give the best effect.

A landscaping boulder can go anywhere. It could be the center piece of your yard, or it could be secondary to a water feature or nice grassy area.

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