Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Trees are the saviors of every backyard landscaper, especially in winter when their foliage brightens up the dullest winter landscape.

Evergreen trees and shrubs are an integral part of any landscaping project. Evergreens can make excellent screens, wind breakers and can also reduce noise.

The problem most backyard landscapers have with evergreens is that they are too large for their backyards and compete for space with other plants and can get out of control. So you must really know what type of evergreen you are after and understand how much room it will need.

Make sure when you are at the nursery that you choose a healthy looking plant. Make sure the plants foliage is of a good healthy color and not brown. Make sure to also check the trunk for any damage.

It's always best to but evergreens that have not been sheared yet. They lose their natural shape when this happens.

When planting an evergreen, the best time to do so is during spring or summer.

Most evergreens don't need a lot of maintenance, but pruning is essential, especially evergreen shrubs. Watering newly planted evergreens is a must.

Most mature evergreens need very little fertilizing, but the best time to fertilize is in early spring. Also, applying mulch around the base will keep in moisture, control weeds to a certain degree and keep the root temperature stable, which is very important in colder climates so the roots don't die.

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