Landscape For Birds

Everyone loves having birds in their backyard and it's easy to attract all sorts of wild birds into your yard.

I remember last spring when we had over two hundred birds in our yard at one time. Lucky for us we don't have neighbours all that close as the noise they made was amazing!

Even in small spaces you can create an environment that will attract.

The two things birds really look for in an environment is; shelter and water. There are of course other attractions that will help get birds to your backyard like; food, amenities and plant selection.

By having different types of food and plants, you will attract a wider variety of birds.


An unfortunate state, but very true is the fact birds prey on other birds. Song birds are the most vulnerable and they need plants that provide shelter. They also need plants that will protect them from the weather as well. Hemlocks and junipers will do that job nicely.


Bird baths are essential to any bird garden. Birds need to be able to drink and bathe often, especially when it's hot. Make sure if the water is stagnant and not flowing that you change the water every day in your bird baths. You can pick up a bird bath just about anywhere, but try and find one with a slight incline. Some birds prefer bird baths on stands, other prefer to drink on the ground.


Plant selection is vital for birds for food but there are things humans can do to add extra food into the equation. Go to your local wildlife society or animal produce store and tell them what you are doing, they will be able to help you out with the food you will need for the birds in your area.


Bird baths, nesting boxes, bird feeders, all are important to getting birds into your backyard in droves. Most pet stores sell all of the above.


The best plants to choose are plants that not only provide shelter but supply food as well. The plants you select can only be based on the area you live in and the restrictions you have on space. The best people to talk to are the local wildlife people and bird watcher societies. They will be able to help you with what plants you should be planting for the birds in your area.

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