Evergreen Shrub Care

Evergreen Shrubs are becoming very popular lately. Shrubs by nature are easy to care for and Evergreen Shrubs give a touch of color all year round.

Popular Evergreen Shrubs are; Arborvitae, Yews, Junipers.

Evergreen Shrubs are used a lot for privacy as they can be pruned so they act as a screen. You can either have them as a dense screen or a loose screen, each one offering their own level of privacy protection.

If you really want to keep prying eyes out, the dense screen is for you. The best type of Evergreen Shrub for that job would be the Irish Juniper.

When it comes to pruning Evergreen Shrubs, make sure you prune them straight after bloom, lightly shearing them all over.

Avoid pruning your shrubs in winter as the frost can really hurt the exposed shrub. Also avoid over pruning, only prune if the shrub really needs it.

If your old Evergreen Shrub needs rejuvenating, prune them over several seasons. Cut as much of the old branches off as you can so it encourages new growth.


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