Garden Soil Tips

One of the most important aspects of any garden, is the soil you use.

Every one thinks about the type of plants they are going to plant and the lovely flowers they are going to grow, but none of that will happen without the correct soil.

Don't even buy a single plant or flower to take home until your soil is correct, otherwise your plants will sweat and die in the plastic before they get a chance to be planted.

When starting a garden, the first thing you should do is remove any large debris from in and around your garden area. Always lay out the shape of the garden you want first with a piece of string.

Knowing the type of soil you have and the PH levels are very important to a healthy garden. The ideal soil for most gardens is loam. It seems to have the perfect mixture of silt, sand and clay.

Most nurseries and some government agencies sell or even give away PH level testing kits. PH levels range on a scale from 1-14. A score of 7 is neutral, a score below 7 is acidic and a score above 7 is alkaline. Most plants prefer neutral soil.

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