Landscaping Plan

Every backyard landscape needs a solid landscaping plan before it gets started.

A well designed landscaping plan will make the work of landscaping your backyard all that much easier.

There is a lot more to planning then just deciding where the trees should go.

You have to plan the landscape and organize the landscape for maximum use and pleasure, you have to plan the landscape so it compliments the house and you have to plan the landscape around how much up keep you are willing to put in.

Every plan should consist of the following; A base plan, where you draw a rough outline of the space you are working with, including things like power lines, slopes, etc.

You need to list the needs that your landscape must have. You should consult your family on this. List all the things your landscape needs to do and provide.

Create a detailed diagram using the base plan and add in all the needs you want to add. Then your plan will need to focus on all the material you will need to do the job. Write every little thing down you know you will need to get the job done.

You will then of course have to write down all the trees and plants you want to use.

You can find all sorts of backyard landscaping plans by doing a search on It's just that easy. Some of the plans are free, some you will might have to pay for.

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