Landscape Drainage Tips

Landscape drainage can be a potentially huge disaster for your backyard.

This how ever can be avoided if you study the landscape and the way your landscape slopes.

This should all be checked before you buy an property.

If it's too late and you have a soggy backyard already, never fear, here is the solution.

If your backyard is swampy now, the first thing to do is find the reason for your problem. Most of the time it is pretty obvious where the problem is and where the water is coming from.

You can rid yourself of small drainage problems by making sure your house is not at the bottom of a hill or slope, and the soil slopes away from your house.

Properly installed and cleaned gutters will also make a big difference.

The best way to get rid of excessive water is to dig a dry well. First thing you need to do though is find out where the best place is to drain the excess water.

Look for a spot that's lower then the house. Make sure you don't go draining water into your neighbors yard.

The next step is to start digging and create your dry well or trench. I highly recommend you speak to a professional before you do this.

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