Landscaping For Above Ground Pool

Landscaping for above ground pool is not a lot different to landscaping for an inground pool.

There is nothing worse then looking out into your backyard and seeing a big white or blue monster staring back at you.

Above ground pools can look hideously out of place sometimes.

The big problem most people have with an above ground pool is privacy, since the pool is usually quite high.

The best way to combat this is with container gardening. Planting trees and shrubs in containers, not permanently into the ground is the best idea for above ground pools. Why? Because an above ground pool is built to be portable. So the surroundings need to be somewhat flexible with their location.

Plants like Japanese Maples make perfect screens.

Just like an inground pool, lighting around an above ground pool gives it a nice look at night.

You could, if you had the time and money, create a deck that connected your home and your pool.

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