Lantana Plant Landscaping

Lantana Plants are becoming very popular and are a landscapers best friend. Lantana plants, also known as Lantana Camara, (often miss-spelt as Lantana Camera) are a beautifully colored perennial.

Lantana Plants can reach almost 6 inches in height, and the flowers can come in many colors such as, red, purple, yellow, orange and white, usually all in the one cluster of flowers.

Some people dislike the smell of the Lantana flowers, as they are very fragrant, but I personally like the smell, which tends to be very citrus in odor.

The best thing about the Lantana Plant, once they are settled is they are very drought resistant and perfect for rock gardens (look for an article on rock gardens on this site).

Another reason people, especially landscapers love the Lantana Plant is that they attract Butterflies by the dozens. They have also been known to attract Hummingbirds as well because of their fragrant smell.

To grow a healthy Lantana Plant it needs full sun and will tolerate just about any soil you throw at it. They are also salt resistant so planting them near the ocean is no problem.

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