Landscaping Tools

There are FOUR online landscaping tools every backyard landscaper should look at.

Not every tool you will use will be a tangible object. Some of the best tools are free and online.

The first tool I want to talk about is the "Landscape Plant Search".

This is a massive online online database of over 2000 different plants perfect for landscaping. Very easy to use.

The next tool is landscaping business locator.

This tool lets you find the closes landscaping business and nursery around your area with a simple click of the mouse.

The next tool is the climatic map.

This interactive map of North America provides you with climatic data for various regions. Simply click on the map of where you are and find out all sorts of climatic information for your area.

The last tool I want to mention is the Landscaping guide.

This is a complete guide on landscaping which is very useful for the beginner. It is for North Americans, but can be used for anyone.

You can find all these tools at....

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