Pond Landscaping

I've already talked about creating a water garden on this site, which you can find by using the navigation buttons beside this article.

But in this article I'm going to talk about pond landscaping.

Every body loves the sound of trickling water and the look a pond creates in your backyard. A pond with a waterfall can make all the difference to a barren backyard landscape.

What is really important though, is making the pond look like it fits into your landscape and not out of place.

Putting algae in your pond makes it look very authentic. It's also good if you have fish in your pond. They like to nibble on them.

If you want a clear water pond, algae isn't for you. To keep algae from growing, put lots of fish and plants into your pond.

Speaking of fish, they are very important to any pond to give it a real life look. Nothing quite as exciting as seeing your visitors reaction when they see fish hit the surface of the water for the first time.

You should also of course buy a skimmer and filter to keep the pond and pond surface clean.

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