Landscaping FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 1 - What is the first thing I should think about when I start landscaping?

Answer 1 - The first thing you should think about is safety. If you are doing any major landscaping make sure that you get rid of any old trees that hang over your house. Old trees over hanging a house can be a death trap.

FAQ 2 - Why should I even bother landscaping my property?

Answer 2 - Because a good landscaping job can raise the value of your property up by 20% of more!

FAQ 3 - Can I do all my landscaping myself, or should I hire a professional?

Answer 3 - Some jobs like tree looping should be left to the professionals. Anything involving electricity is best left to the professionals. You may want to contact a landscaping architect to plan your landscaping, but you can do most of the work yourself. It's totally up to you and how hands on you want to be.

If you don't think you can do something exactly right, hire a professional.

FAQ 4 - What is the best way to get started with my landscaping

Answer 4 - The first thing you should do is get an exact measurement of the area of your yard you're wanting to landscape. Write it down on paper and draw a rough outline of your yard and mark any areas where there are underground cables or water pipes.

Make a sketch of all the different areas in your yard and mark their characteristics down on paper. Write down which area gets the most sun, which gets the most shade, which area has poor soil or drainage.

This will all help decide what you can do with that area.

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