Front Yard Design

When it comes to front yard design, it's vitally important you focus on four different elements.

First off, you need to create a focal point, secondly, you need to choose a unique paving style, thirdly, you need to plant your shrubs and plants close together and fourth, you need a smart all around design. You will learn all of this and more in this article.

Every front yard needs a focal point. Nothing makes a better focal point then a great entrance. A vine covered archway over your front gate makes an authentic and charming entrance to any front yard. Potato Vine works well as its almost always flowering.

When it comes to paving and making a pathway, unique is the way to go. Low maintenance is also a good thing. What you need to figure out is what type of pathway you want and what you want it to do. Do you want a functional pathway or do you want a decorative pathway?

If you want a functional pathway, then make sure you take the shortest route to the front door. You can however make it look more attractive by adding gentle curves into the design.

Decorative paths are mainly used in larger gardens . It can be a continuous snake of paving or stepping stones.

Plant selection and planting is vital to a perfect front garden design. By using dense, rounded shrubs like hebe and choisya, you are planting close together and crowding out weeds at the same time.

If you want shade in your front yard, plants like Daphne Odora, which is an evergreen that has pink and white flowers in winter or Aucuba Japonica, which is a dense evergreen shrub are best.

Last not but not least is your all around front yard garden design. Low maintenance is the key, so using evergreen shrubs and material that doesn't need a lot of attention is the way to go.

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