Front Yard Landscape Idea

In this article I'm going to give you tips to help you when you are designing a low work front yard landscape.

Use Gravel - Gravel is cheap and easily kept free of weeds. If you are not a gardener, you would not believe the amount of time weeding between cracks in cement takes up.

Mulching - Another way to stop weeds in gardens is to mulch. Mulching will restrict the growth of weeds.

Watering - Watering can be fully or semi automated with the use of timers and drip irrigation. The setup cost is the only draw back with this option.

Theft Is A Problem - While this tip won't save your time every day, but having to replace garden items is extremely annoying and expensive. So if you are going to use ornaments in your front yard, make sure they are heavy enough that people cannot just pick them up.

Rust - Rusting is a big problem in gardens with ironwork such as gates. You can prevent rust and save time on rust repairs by using a rust inhibiting primer before it is painted.

Fallen Leaves - Leaves and debris will fall on your lawn and pathway, there is no way around it. The best way to get rid of such objects is to use a vacuum and leaf blower.

Keeping Paving's Clean - A high pressure hose will keep paving extremely clean. You should also use a path cleaner with moss and algae control.

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