Front Yard Landscaping Idea

Gravel gardens are becoming very popular with people who don't want to spend their time mowing their lawns.

Gravel is also popular because landscapers have found that the natural color and texture of gravel make the plants in your garden look the best. Gravel gardens can also hide flaws in your front yard as well, like covering an area of irregular shape.

There are a few different types of stones/gravel you can use in your gravel garden. The most popular types of gravel are pea gravel and true gravel.

Gravel gardens, while they don't need mowing, do need constant raking. Plus you will need to get rid of any leaves that have fallen onto your gravel.

To stop weeds from growing in your gravel, apply a path weed killer every year.

When it comes to selecting plants that go well with a gravel garden, you should go for plants that are green all year round. Depending on the color of the gravel you chose, you should be able to find plants that match your gravel.

When planning to create a gravel garden keep these tips in mind;

Plant creeping plants near the edge of the gravel garden to create a natural appearance. Choose a few big and bold plants to use as a focal point, but don't go crazy. Try also not to use too many different types of plants. Keep a unity in your garden.

Every few years you will have to top up the gravel, so make sure you can find the same type of gravel you are already using, otherwise it will look very odd.

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