Hillside Landscaping Tips

So your backyard as a hillside landscaping slope and you are not sure what to do with it?

No worries! I have some great suggestions for you!

If your hillside slope is big enough and it is in an area you want to access, why not add a network of steps to it.?

Steps will give your backyard a touch of class and make your slope something to look at in happiness not sadness.

Make sure when you create your steps that you use a zigzag pattern, as this will blend in better. Using natural products as well like timber and bark will give it a natural look.

Plant selection is also vital, as the theme of our website would suggest. Conifers work well on slopes as they are an evergreen that will put up with poor soil conditions.

With shrubs, one of the most common ways to put them into your hillside landscape is to dig platforms into your slope and place shrubs in pots on them.

You could of course plant shrubs like cotoneaster directly into the ground. I prefer the shrubs in pots idea better as you can then plant just about any type of shrub you like.


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