Tropical Landscaping Design

Creating your own tropical landscape isn't as hard as it sounds.

There are 4 aspects to any good topical landscape and they are.... Plant selection, water features, ponds and of course, tropical furniture

Plant Selection - What makes a tropical garden, tropical? Plants and lot of them! While greenery is the main thing you want in your tropical landscaping, you will also want some wild colors as well. Make sure the plants and flowers you choose are green or flower all year round and suit most weather conditions.

Water Feature - Nothing says tropical like a running water feature. There is an article on this site about creating a water garden, which you should read. A water garden or even a waterfall depending on how much space and money you have is a great idea.

Ponds - If a large scale water feature isn't in your budget, a small pond with tropical fish is the next best option. You don't need a large area, or a lot of money or know how to get started. You can even buy pond starter kits for beginners who want a small pond in their garden.

Furniture - Putting tropical, water proof furniture in your tropical landscaping is a great idea if you want to add functionality to your landscaping. Wicker chairs and tables give a great look to your garden and you can sit down and enjoy your tropical paradise.

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