Residential Landscaping

With such a large boom of people moving into tiny residential blocks, there would of course come a time when they wanted their own gardens as well.

Residential landscaping has come in a big way and in this article I'm going to show you some ways you can have your own garden environment while living in a residential area.

You can still have the garden of your dreams in your apartment, you just need to downsize a little.

The best thing about residential landscapes is the maintenance is very low. A couple of minutes a day and you are done.

The best plants to use are those that are very hearty and can put up with most conditions well.

If you have a courtyard or balcony, you can still use large leaf plants to hide you away from the prying eyes off the street.

Your soil is also very important to your plants success. Of course you can't just plant your plants in the natural soil to your area, because you more then likely have none.

That is not a problem. You can now buy soil specifically created for these types of gardens. The soil is specially treated with water crystals.

Growing plants that you can eat is also becoming very popular. Being able to walk out on your balcony and pick what you need is quite the thrill indeed.

Also make sure you leave room for furniture so you can sit outside and enjoy what you have created. Lights and torches are also great for night time.

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