Landscaping On A Slope

There is nothing worse for a landscaper then having a severe slope to work with.

Landscaping on a slope can be a nightmare, but I have a few handy hints that might be able to help you out with your problem.

The easiest way to deal with a severe slope is to leave it alone! One of the problems a slope can cause is water drainage issues. Water will tend to run off evenly and you will be left with a soggy lawn.

A good way to deal with that is to replace the existing turf with groundcovers instead. This will also save the hassle of trying to mow an uneven slope.

Adding a retaining wall or terrace is another good way to deal with a large slope. You should really consult a professional before you install one of these.

If you do have your heart set on keeping the turf, make sure you aerate the lawn. This will improve water infiltration greatly.

Also by adding a top-dress of compost or process clay amendments will also help with water infiltration.

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