Patio Landscaping

Patio landscaping in a nut shell is all about saving you time. It's hard surface requires little to no maintenance compared with a lawn or flower garden.

If you are the Do It Yourself type, you could create your own patio in a weekend or two if you had the right materials. You of course will need to let it settle for a week or two after that before you start doing anything with it.

Make sure to design your patio to what you are going to use it for. Whether it be BBQ's, a place to drink tea, or just a place to sit and think. Patio landscaping should be created to be used, not just to look at.

So what will your patio need? You will of course need the paving. Using two different paving materials will give your patio a unique and attractive feel.

The patio will need furniture as well. like any indoor room, the patio will need furnishing. Fill decorative containers and raised beds with colorful flowers and foliage.

Make sure to use high performance plants that can cope with drought, provide fragrance and year round color.

So where is the best place for your patio? The best place in my opinion to put a backyard patio is right next to the house. This gives you easy access to it anytime.

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