All About Japanese Landscaping

The art of Japanese landscaping, like the Japanese culture is old and steeped in tradition. It's entire goal is to recreate serenity in nature.

Japanese gardens are created with relaxation in mind. Some of the most used techniques in a Japanese garden are, water features, fish ponds, bonsai tree's and carefully placed stones.

There are four main types of Japanese gardens and they are, The Courtyard Garden, The Tea Garden, The Stroll Garden, The Dry Zen Garden and The Island Style Garden.

The Courtyard Garden - This is the Japanese garden for you if you have a small garden. This garden is built with the inside of the house in mind as it is usually created as a place to look at while inside. They usually consist of a few plants and maybe a water feature and are very easy to create.

The Tea Garden - Has become very popular lately. It's purpose is of course, to create a space outside where you can drink tea in. Granted, it's not the easiest Japanese garden to get right and you do need a fair bit of spare space in your yard, it's a very attractive center piece to any landscape.

The Stroll Garden - This garden is designed for those who love to stroll through their gardens. It consists of a path on the outside that weaves itself inside through out the garden. To build a proper stroll garden, an acre or more of land will be needed. Water features play heavily in these types of gardens.

The Dry Zen Garden - Was not surprisingly created by Buddhist monks to clear their minds. It consists of stones and rocks and boulders, gravel and sand. You have probably seen miniature Zen gardens that you can buy from a lot of home ware shops, that consist of sand and a rock or two in a bowl with a tiny rake.

The Island Style Garden - Traditionally this type of garden was created big enough so you could actually go boating in your pond. But due to space restrictions, ponds are usually created large enough so you can stroll around the edge of the pond. Small islands are then created within the pond with tree's placed on them surrounded by rock and sand. Bridges are often created so you can walk over the pond.

You can find out more about these types of gardens by doing a search on them.

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