Brick Landscaping Tips

Laying bricks in your landscaping is becoming increasingly more popular, especially with water restrictions in place.

Brick paving comes in a vast range of colors, finishes and densities and can form the perfect link with a house built of the same material.

It's also very important to check with your supplier that what you have chosen will stand up to winter frost; some older bricks break up easily.

Brick can be used for virtually any kind of paving, but it's size and often dark color can make it look visually heavy if used alone for large areas. The different type of laying patterns you can use include, herringbone, basket weave, stretcher bond and soldier courses.

All brick paving must be laid over a well compacted base of hardcore or crushed stone. Bricks can then be bedded on a semi dry mortar mix. Once the pattern has been set out, additional mortar should be brushed into the joints and then the whole area should be lightly wet with a fine spray.


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