Rose Gardening

Planting roses is one of the easiest things you will do as a gardener.

Roses are not as fickle as some people believe and give a beautiful look to any landscape or garden.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy next time you are planting roses.

Make sure to always soak your rose roots in water before planting them. A lot of people recommend that you soak the roots in slightly warmer water, which seems to help them stay moist. Do this an hour or two before you plant them into pots or into the ground.

When digging your hole to plant your roses, make sure you dig it wide enough for your roses to grow. Roses like loose soil as they can then get their roots to grow quicker.

When you are about to shovel the dirt back onto your rose garden, try adding a shovel of peat and organic compost in with your soil. This will give your roses some added nutrients straight away.

When you have finished planting your roses, make sure you compact the area down around the roses and give it a good soaking. Depending on what water restrictions you have, I like to let the hose trickle on the ground around the roses for a good 15 minutes. Make sure its nice and muddy and well soaked in.

General Rose Care Tips

Roses will grow in just about any climate you put them in, except absolute freezing. The biggest killer of roses is not the cold as most people think, but the the change in temperature.

It's when the rose freezes then thaws then freezes then thaws again. This makes the roots of the rose break. The best way to combat this is to add mulch, this keeps the temperature more stable. Adding a few extra inches of soil around the base of the rose will also work well.

Make sure you fertilize often. You can buy rose fertilizer from any garden shop, but make sure to stop fertilizing a month or so before you expect frost.

Roses love a good soaking, so make sure to water them at least once a week with a good drenching so the water actually soaks into the roots. Try to keep the leaves dry as this can cause fungal diseases.

Prune your roses every spring. Discard of all the dead leaves and branches.

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