Landscape Tree's

One of the questions I get asked most about my back yard landscaping is people asking me why I chose the landscaping tree's that I did.

People want to know what are the best tree's for their landscaping and it's a hard question to answer as it depends on a lot of factors.

Here are a few of the tree's I have in my backyard landscape and some others I wish I had room for! Go to your local nursery or landscaper to find out more.

Japanese Maple - A slow growing, deciduous Japanese maple with attractive reddish purple foliage in spring and summer, turning to fiery red in autumn. It needs protection from the cold and drying winds which can scorch and curl the delicate leaves.

Tree Of Heaven - Reaching the size of a woodland tree, the deciduous tree of heaven is a specimen for a large garden. It has striking large, pinnate leaves, which open reddish green and age to mid green.

Ornamental Cherry - This is a lovely deciduous tree for color in a small landscape or garden. In spring the tree flowers with beautiful bright pink flowers.

Hubei Rowan - A pretty deciduous tree with pinnate blue green leaves tat turn red in autumn before they fall. In summer, clusters of round pink and white berries appear. Best planted in spots with full sun.

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