Rose Garden Design

Roses are a favorite of many gardeners. They are easy to plant, fairly easy to look after and maintain and they produce an amazing array of colorful flowers.

A lot of people associate roses with the store brought variety that you stick in a vase and wait for them to die. But their are plenty of rose bushes that grow in any landscape. Landscape roses.

There are quite a few different type of landscape roses available that will work well in any garden or landscaping job. There are two main rose varieties, the climbing rose and the rose bush.

If you want to cover a wall, archway or trellis, you will want to use a climbing rose. A popular variety of climbing rose is the Tea Rose.

Climbing roses can be trained to do many things. You can train them to grow straight up a wall, wrap around an archway, even grow around the sides of walls.

If you are after a the normal roses you find in stores and in most gardens, they are of the Hybrid Tea variety. These roses are best grown in rose garden and beds.

Rose bushes are also becoming very popular lately. People seem to like the look of roses bunched together closely. Also, a lot pf people are using roses as hedges. Shrub roses are the most used variety for this purpose. A lot of landscapers use these types of plants as they are pretty to look at and require minimal care.

One of the most popular ways to landscape and design a rose garden today is to use different species of roses in the landscape. Combining a collection of different rose species and colors gives your landscape a real vibrant and unique look that would be very hard to copy.

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